Smelter Hall Music

Joy for the Soul Wherever We Go

Jessie Smelter


Scott Hall

Guitar and Vocal Easy Listening Music for All Audiences

For YouTube live video, click here

Upcoming Events:

  • June 11th–Invictus Brewpub–outdoors–1-2:30pm. Cancer fundraiser
  • Look for us on Mondays in Monticello @ Culver’s 5:30-7p
  • More Gigs Coming Soon!

Jessie Smelter is a singer-songwriter and guitar player who has made a career playing music for all audiences. He has recorded albums under the Captured Muse label. Smelter calls himself “a wordsmith and storyteller” and writes that he has been “shaped by musical influences ranging from gospel, country, and bluegrass to folk and rock and roll” He has produced two albums of original songs.

“Jessie Smelter’s work is beautiful in its simplicity, and incredibly endearing.” —Deneen Gannon, Cake Magazine

Scott Hall is a singer-songwriter who has loved music forever. He occasionally plays in bands and has always loved creating music. He has recorded albums with The SwindleKings and The BlueDarts under various labels and most recently has begun recording under his own label: Besides finding his own songs there, he has included memories and pictures from his musical story.

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